Browser Mozilla Firefox Mobile “Fennec” versi Alpha untuk Android, Nokia N900 Telah Dirilis

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mozilla telah mengeluarkan rilis alpha dari versi selanjutnya browser Firefox Mobile, dengan nama kode Fennec, untuk Android dan smartphone Nokia N900.

Fennec untuk Android membutuhkan minimal versi Android 2.0 atau yang lebih baru dan penyimpanan internal 30MB yang tersedia. Ada baik ARMv7 dan dioptimalkan membangun ARMv5 CPU yang tersedia. Karena merupakan produk alpha, ada kemungkinan beberapa bug pada software ini. Anda dapat men-download alpha Fennec dengan mengunjungi dari ponsel Android atau smartphone Nokia N900 Anda.

Berikut ini fitur Mozilla Firefox Fennec:

  • Pinch-to-zoom (Android), double-tap, or use the volume rocker (Nokia N900) to zoom in and out
  • Tabbed browsing in thumbnail view lets you easily see and open the site you want
  • Location-Aware Browsing gives you content and info relevant to your location
  • Save to PDF in the Site Menu lets you capture important content, like driving directions or a boarding pass, to view offline
  • Find in Page in the Site Menu lets you quickly find text on the webpage
  • Share Page in the Site Menu lets you send content to email, Facebook, Twitter and Google Reader
  • Forget Password in the Site Menu tells a website you no longer trust to forget your private data
  • Add Search Engine in the Site Menu lets you quickly add a new search engine to your Awesome Screen
  • Context Menu lets you Open in New Tab and Share by long tapping and holding a link
  • Smart Tapping lets you tap on links, widgets and other Web content with accuracy
  • Password Manager lets you choose to remember site password to avoid typing
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